Selected Projects

1. Samur Project / Petronas Chemicals Fertiliser Sabah
2. 3.3/0.433kV Distribution Transformer Package
3. Pembelian Ring Main Unit 11kV Pelbagai Konfigurasi

Samur Project / Petronas Chemicals Fertiliser Sabah


Solution Delivered

Infrakomas Sdn Bhd to be responsible for supply of Interposing Relay Panel to MHI.

3.3/0.433kV Distribution Transformer Package

Murphy Sarawak Oil Co. Ltd (MURPHY) is developing a marginal oil field, Permas, in Block SK311 Situated in the South China Sea Offshore Sarawak, located approximately 100km from Bintulu. Permas will be an unmanned wellhead production platform with remote monitoring facilities. Future production platforms from other adjacent small fields, when proven, will be satellites to Permas. The Permas multiphase oil will flow some 5000 bpd of oil via an approximately 39km of 10” diameter pipeline to a producing platform “SA-PA” in South Acis Field. The Permas four leg battered substructure will be in a water depth of approximately 49 meters and will have a full topside weight in the order of 2000 MT. The Permas final full topside will have provisions for water injection, gaslift, multiphase pumping, power generation, utilities, well testing and operational metering.

Solution delivered

A package of Distribution Transformer 1000KVA, 3.3/0.433KV,AN. It involve 3 phase and 2 unit of transformer.

Pembelian Ring Main Unit 11kV Pelbagai Konfigurasi

Site: TNB Designated Warehouses

TNB open tender for supply of Ring Main Unit (RMU) distribution switchgear which covers 12kV rated SF6 gas insulated, indoor, non-extensible and with a provision to be motorize.

Solution delivered












Infrakomas Sdn Bhd is responsible for design, supply of material, fabrication, assembly ,painting, inspection, system integration, functionality, testing, packaging, export protection, delivery of 15 units of 11kV, SF6, I/D, Non-Ext, 3S Ring Main Unit (RMU) and 28 units of 11kV, SF6, I/D, Non-Ext, 3S+1 Ring Main Unit (RMU) from Ormazabal to designated TNB Warehouse.